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ChatCore Class Reference

#include <chatcore.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Anistratov Oleg <ower@users.sourceforge.net>

Definition at line 56 of file chatcore.h.

Public Slots

void setChannelState (const QString &ch, const QByteArray &ba)
void slot_acceptReceiving (quint16, quint64)
void slot_avatarAnswer (const QString &, const QHostAddress &, quint32 ch_type=0)
void slot_bindInputPort (int)
void slot_confirmReceivingFile (quint8, quint16, const QHostAddress &)
void slot_deleteProfile (const QString &)
void slot_infoAnswer (const QString &, const QHostAddress &, quint32 ch_type=0, uchar=0)
void slot_infStatusChanged (const QString &)
void slot_loadProfile (const QString &name)
void slot_msgsHistoryAnswer (const QString &, const QHostAddress &, const QByteArray &, uint)
void slot_msgsNumAnswer (const QString &, const QHostAddress &, quint32, uint)
void slot_openSocketError (quint16)
void slot_prepareAndSend (const QString &, const QHostAddress &, uint, const QString &="", quint32=0, QByteArray *=NULL)
void slot_privateChatRequest (const QString &, const QHostAddress &)
void slot_processData (char *, quint16)
void slot_processLargeData (LargeDatagram *)
void slot_rejectReceiving (quint16, quint64, int reason)
void slot_renameProfile (const QString &, const QString &)
void slot_requestFragments (char *, quint32, quint32, const QHostAddress &)
void slot_saveSettings ()
void slot_sendMessage (const QString &, const QHostAddress &, quint32, QTextDocument *)
void slot_setNl (const QString &, const QString &, const QString &)
void slot_singleMessage (const QString &msg, const QHostAddress &addr, quint32 ch_type=0)
void slot_statusAnswer (const QString &, const QHostAddress &, quint32 ch_type=0, bool changed=0, bool=0)
void slot_updateChatTime ()


void chatDataReceived (QC_DatagramHeader *)
void closed ()
void privateChatRequest (const QString &, const QHostAddress &)
void profileLoaded (const QString &)
void singleMessageIn (Message *)
void wantChangeInputPort (quint16)
void wantSendFile (char *, quint16, const QString &, const QHostAddress &, quint32)
void wantSendLargeData (char *, quint16, char *, quint32, const QHostAddress &, quint32)

Public Member Functions

void addParametr (const QString &par_name, const QString &filename)
void addParametr (const QString &par_name, const QByteArray &par)
QByteArray channelState (const QString &ch) const
 ChatCore (QObject *parent=0)
void clearParametrs ()
const QString & currentProfile () const
bool fillHeader ()
const QByteArray & geometry () const
QByteArray getParametr (const QString &par_name)
void initReceivingFile (QObject *)
quint32 initSendingFile (const QHostAddress &, const QString &, QObject *)
bool initSettings ()
const QString & lang () const
int needCheckIp () const
void nextSmile (const QString &)
void prepareDatagram (unsigned char dtgrm_type, quint32 dest_ip, const QString &msg="", unsigned long chnnl_id=0, unsigned long dtgrm_id=0, unsigned long dtgrm_num=0)
CmdArgs * processCmdArgs (int argc, char *argv[])
void processData ()
void processSmiles (QString)
QStringList profiles () const
UserProfilereadProfile (const QString &)
ReceiverThreadreceiver ()
void run ()
void sendData (const QHostAddress &addr)
 otsylaet dannye nahodyaschiesya v $m_outputBuffer po addressu $addr
void setChatWgt (ChatWgt *chw)
void setLang (const QString &value)
void slot_loadSettings ()
void startThreads ()
const QByteArray & state () const
void stopThreads ()
void writeProfile (const UserProfile *)

Static Public Member Functions

static void addParametr (const QString &par_name, const QByteArray &par, QByteArray &buf)
static QColor getColorParametr (QByteArray *)
static QByteArray getParametr (const QString &par_name, const QByteArray &pars)

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

QString homePath ()

Private Attributes

QC_DatagramHeader * Hdr
QMap< QString, QByteArray > m_channelsStates
quint32 m_chatTime
char * m_data
unsigned long m_dataSize
QByteArray m_geometry
 Main Window Geometry.
char * m_header
unsigned short m_headerSize
char * m_inputBuffer
 Vhodnoi Buffer - suda zapisyvayutsya pakety(<= 2^16-1) posle prinyatiya.
unsigned short m_inputBufferSize
QString m_lang
bool m_largeDtgrm
 Flag pokazyvayuschi chto razmer otsylaemogo paketa > 2^16-1.
int m_needCheckIp
QString m_nlAlbum
QString m_nlArtist
bool m_nlIsNew
QString m_nlTitle
QString m_nowListening
char * m_outputBuffer
 Vyhodnoi Buffer - suda zapisyvayutsya dannye(<= 2^16-1) pered otpravkoi.
unsigned long m_outputBufferSize
QByteArray m_parametrs
QMap< QString, UserProfile * > m_profiles
QSettings * m_settings
QString m_settingsDirName
QByteArray m_smilesParam
QUdpSocket m_socketOut
QByteArray m_state
 Main Window State.
QTimer * m_statusTimer

Static Private Attributes

static QTimer * m_chatTimer = new QTimer

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