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Preferences Class Reference

#include <preferences.h>

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Detailed Description

Anistratov Oleg <ower@users.sourceforge.net>

Definition at line 27 of file preferences.h.

Public Member Functions

bool activateOnMsgIn () const
void appendStatusDescription (const QString &value)
const QColor & baseColor () const
bool colorWholeMsg () const
bool colorWholeSysMsg () const
const QString & displayMsgFormat () const
const QString & executeCommandOnIncomingMsg () const
int historyReqTimeout () const
bool isExecuteCommandOnIncomingMsg () const
const QColor & myColor () const
int nHistoryMsgs () const
const QString & nlFormat () const
int nlMode () const
QString nowListening () const
void removeStatusDescription (const QString &value)
const QKeySequence & sendMessageSeq () const
void setActivateOnMsgIn (bool mode)
void setBaseColor (const QColor &color)
void setDisplayMsgFormat (const QString &value)
void setExecuteCommandOnIncomingMsg (const QString &value)
void setHistoryReqTimeout (int value)
void setIsExecuteCommandOnIncomingMsg (bool value)
void setMsgColorMode (bool mode)
void setMyColor (const QColor &color)
void setNHistoryMsgs (int value)
void setNlFormat (const QString &value)
void setNlMode (int value)
void setNowListening (const QString &value)
void setSendMessageSeq (const QKeySequence &value)
void setSmilesThemePath (const QString &value)
void setSoundOnMsgIn (bool mode)
void setStatusDescription (const QString &descr, int status)
void setStatusDescriptions (const QStringList &value)
void setSysColor (const QColor &color)
void setSysMsgColorMode (bool mode)
void setUsersListDeepRefreshInterval (int value)
void setUsersListRefreshInterval (int value)
void setWarningAboutTray (bool value)
const QString & smilesThemePath () const
bool soundOnMsgIn () const
const QString & statusDescription (int status) const
QStringList statusDescriptions () const
const QColor & sysColor () const
int usersListDeepRefreshInterval () const
int usersListRefreshInterval () const
bool warningAboutTray () const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool allowDiffPorts ()
static const QHostAddress & broadcast ()
static QHostAddress customBroadcast ()
static quint64 customIp ()
static QString defaultSmilesDir (QList< QDir >)
static QString defaultSmilesDir ()
static quint64 ip ()
static quint16 portIn ()
static quint16 portOut ()
static void setAllowDiffPorts (bool mode)
static void setBroadcast (const QHostAddress &br)
static void setCustomBroadcast (const QHostAddress &value)
static void setCustomIp (const quint64 &value)
static void setIp (quint64 ip)
static void setPortIn (quint16 port)
static void setPortOut (quint16 port)
static void setSettingsDir (const QString &dir)
static const QString & settingsDir ()

Private Attributes

bool m_activateOnMsgIn
QColor m_baseMsgColor
bool m_colorWholeMsg
bool m_colorWholeSysMsg
QString m_displayMsgFormat
QString m_executeCommandOnIncomingMsg
int m_historyReqTimeout
 how long we will be wait answer for 'messages number request'
bool m_isExecuteCommandOnIncomingMsg
QColor m_myMsgsColor
int m_nHistoryMsgs
 -1 - request maximum messages
QString m_nlFormat
int m_nlMode
 1 - send with message, 2 - change status, (1 | 2) - both
QString m_nowListening
QKeySequence m_sendMessageSeq
QString m_smilesThemePath
bool m_soundOnMsgIn
QString m_statusDescription [6]
QStringList m_statusDescriptions
QColor m_sysMsgsColor
int m_usersListDeepRefreshInterval
int m_usersListRefreshInterval
bool m_warningAboutTray

Static Private Attributes

static bool m_allowDiffPorts = false
static QHostAddress m_broadcast
static QHostAddress m_customBroadcast
static quint64 m_customIp = 0x7f000001
static quint64 m_ip = 0x7f000001
static quint16 m_portIn = 61108
static quint16 m_portOut = 61108
static QString m_settingsDir

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