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ReceiverThread Class Reference

#include <receiverthread.h>

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Detailed Description

Anistratov Oleg <ower@users.sourceforge.net>

Definition at line 32 of file receiverthread.h.

Public Slots

void changePort (quint16)
void deleteDatagram (LargeDatagram *dtgrm)
void receiving ()
void slot_acceptDatagram (const QString &filename, quint16, quint64)
void slot_rejectDatagram (quint16, quint64)


void dataReceived (char *, quint16)
void dtgrmFinished (quint16)
void fragmentsRequest (char *dtgrm, quint32 dtgrm_len)
void largeDataReceived (LargeDatagram *)
void openSocketError (quint16 port)
void percentsConfirmed (quint8, quint16, const QHostAddress &)
void percentsRemain (quint8, quint16, const QHostAddress &)
 peresylaet signal ot LargeDatagram
void portChanged (quint16)
void readyReceive (quint16, quint64)
void receivingAccepted (quint16)
void receivingCancelled (quint16)
void receivingRejected (quint16)
void receivingTimeout (quint16, quint64)
void sendingCancelled (quint16, quint64)
void wantFragments (char *, quint32, quint32, const QHostAddress &)
void wantReceiveFile (const QString &, quint16, quint64)

Public Member Functions

LargeDatagramaddDatagram (quint64 IP, quint32 ID)
quint32 getValidID (quint64 IP) const
 ReceiverThread (QObject *parent=0)
void run ()

Private Member Functions

LargeDatagramfindDatagram (quint64 IP, quint32 ID) const
void removeDatagram (LargeDatagram *dtgrm)

Private Attributes

char * m_buffer
quint16 m_bufferSize
LargeDatagram ** m_datagrams
quint32 m_datagramsMaxNum
quint32 m_datagramsNum
bool m_finished
bool m_opened
quint32 m_port
QUdpSocket * m_socket
QSocketNotifier * m_socketNotifier

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