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SenderThread Class Reference

#include <senderthread.h>

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Detailed Description

Anistratov Oleg <ower@users.sourceforge.net>

Definition at line 28 of file senderthread.h.

Public Slots

void addFileTask (char *hdr, quint16 hdr_len, const QString &filename, const QHostAddress &addr, quint32 ID)
void addTask (char *hdr, quint16 hdr_len, char *data, quint32 data_len, const QHostAddress &addr, quint32 ID)
void deleteDatagram (LargeDatagramOut *dtgrm)
void sending ()
void slot_acceptSending (quint16)
void slot_cancelTask (quint16)
void slot_fragmentsRequest (char *dtgrm, quint32 dtgrm_len)


void sendingCancelled (quint16)
void sendingFinished (quint16)

Public Member Functions

bool containID (quint32 ID) const
LargeDatagramOutfindDatagram (quint16 ID) const
quint32 getValidID () const
void run ()
 SenderThread (QObject *parent=0)
void setPort (quint16 port)

Private Attributes

char * m_buffer
LargeDatagramOut ** m_datagrams
quint32 m_datagramsMaxNum
quint32 m_datagramsNum
quint16 m_port
QUdpSocket * m_socket
QTimer * m_timer

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